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A WordPress that is completely configured, secured and ✨optimized✨

Un WordPress totalement configuré et optimisé : OCOPO™

Save time and peace of mind with a fully configured, optimized and secure WordPress. Ready for your content.

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What is OCOPO™? A blueprint

OCOPO, for “Optimized and Configured to the Tiniest Details” (in french btw), simply refers to a WordPress site with no content whatsoever, fully configured and optimized.

It’s available to all, and is used by almost 200 users. It includes 72 optimizations.

This WordPress is infinitely replicable.

Opting for OCOPO™ should save you around 10 hours in configurations, optimizations and security.

Who is OCOPO™ designed for?

For every WordPress user, without exception.

If site editing and SEO are your business, OCOPO™ is for you. Quickly optimize your sites and gain competitiveness in two clicks.

Don’t let lack of time slow you down.

Just getting started with WordPress? Take advantage of our solution to get a site with performance equivalent to that of a professionally edited site.

Launch your projects without worrying about technical configurations.

For service companies, boost your productivity tenfold with OCOPO™. This complete installation lets you perform at every level in record time.

For beginners who know nothing

Just getting started with WordPress? Benefit from a site with performance equivalent to that of a professionally edited site.

For established site publishers

If site editing and SEO are your business, OCOPO™ is for you. Create your future sites, faster. In just two clicks.

For Freelancers and Agencies

Increase productivity. Offer better service. Gain a competitive edge. Thanks to OCOPO™.

The strength of OCOPO™

Perfect SEO configuration

OCOPO™ is preconfigured to meet Google’s requirements, with first-rate technical SEO optimization. Whether through an optimized link structure, bot management or the integration of extensions like SEO Press or Rank Math.

By opting for OCOPO™, you get the assurance of getting the best for your SEO.

Extremely high performance

Loading speed has become a major metric in the Web world. Even so, optimizing WordPress performance is still pretty fuzzy for most of its users.

By opting for OCOPO™, you get the assurance of top-flight performance.

Solid safety

My solution is designed to guarantee an enhanced level of security without compromising your site’s performance. Reduce the risk of malicious intrusions and Google penalties with OCOPO™’s secure cell.

By opting for OCOPO™, you get the assurance of a well-secured WordPress.

3 versions of OCOPO™, adapted to every profile

Whether you’re starting your business with WordPress, growing your network of sites, or selling your services, OCOPO™ is made for it.

Ideal for everyone

The default edition, with some very useful features. It’s perfect for anyone, for your own projects or those of your customers.

A WordPress specifically designed to perform on Google Discover

Have you decided to take the plunge into Google Discover?

This version of OCOPO™ gives you the technical requirements, so all you have to worry about is your content.


Ideal for advanced users

Intended for advanced users of GeneratePress, this installation is very light, stripped of certain features from the original, in order to offer the purest version possible.

However, it retains its highest level of optimization and security.

Get WordPress OCOPO™

That’s right. For a very small price, you gain a lot. In peace of mind, in time and in performance. Start working on a technically professional WordPress!

OCOPO™ - Personnal use

Ideal for building faster, higher-quality sites.

89$ HT/an

OCOPO™ - Agency use

Ideal for building faster, higher-quality sites for your customers.

249$ HT/an

You may cancel at any time. You will have access to OCOPO™ and your member area until the end of the period.

*Configuration files available for : SEO Press, Rank Math, WP Rocket, LiteSpeed Cache, Assent Cleanup, Perfmatters.

A few testimonials

And guess what? I haven’t even added private feedback.

They wrote about OCOPO™

Sébastien gives his opinion on the OCOPO™ installation on personal blog, with some screenshots. That should convince you! 😉

WP Marmite delivers a full test of the OCOPO™ installation, with the added bonus of a nice tutorial on how to use it.

The answer to all your questions

Questions / Answers

No. You’ll need your own licenses. No licenses are supplied with OCOPO™.

Once you have made your purchase, you will receive private access to your member area. This access allows you to :

  • Download the WordPress OCOPO™ archive
  • Access additional resources to get the most out of your installation
  • Receive regular updates
  • Exclusive offers

You’ll also have access to a complete installation tutorial. I’ll also guide you through a live demonstration available in the presentation video.

For your future sites, yes.

If you haven’t yet made the basic WordPress configurations for your site, then OCOPO™ is the tool for you.

It installs essential configurations such as permalinks, post display, .htaccess file, HTTP headers, wp-config configuration, referrer extensions and even contact forms with spam protection.

If your aim is to camouflage a large network of sites as much as possible, then no, OCOPO™ is not suitable, as your sites will be created on the same basis.

So it naturally leaves a few footprints.

On the other hand, there’s nothing to stop you declining it in several versions to diversify your patterns.

Whether you’re a freelance site editor, SEO consultant, web professional or entrepreneur, you can use OCOPO™ for all your customer projects. Yes, it’s possible with the Agency offer, designed and updated to meet all your requirements.

No. You cannot resell OCOPO™ as is. You have to build a project on it.

Absolutely! All you need to do is be an OCOPO™ user, and follow the tutorial available in the member’s area. It’s easy and profitable!

Absolutely! Our WordPress installation is entirely flexible, allowing you to use the theme and extensions of your choice. You can even change your page builder, so you’re free to use the tools that best suit your needs.


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